The SBC-x6818 Kits is the deveopment kits for CORE6818 CPU board, it comes with a variety of common standard interfaces, such as HDMI output, LVDS, USB Host, SD card, DB9 serial port, RJ-45 G-bit Ethernet port, audio input and output ports, as well as some of the on-board resources testing devices such as buzzer, keypad, GPIO ports, SDIO ports, etc.

SBC-x6818 Base Board Feature

The SBC-x6818 expand the follow function, for more interface details, click here to see.


  • SBC-x6818 Base board interface introduce
  • UART: Two RS232 Serial port in DB9 interface, Two TTL Serial in Header
  • USB: Four USB Host and one USB OTG
  • Audio: One Audio out interface
  • HDMI: One HDMI interface
  • LCD: One TFT LCD interface with Capacitive touchscreen
  • SD card: Two TF card
  • Camera: One Camera interface
  • Key: Six User key
  • RTC back up battle
  • Buzzer
  • 5V Power in interface

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